Complete instruction in Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) appropriate EASA AMC1 SPA.HEMS.130(f)(1)

Intensive-Compact-Course, 6 days for 4500 CHF

The course is suitable for paramedics and emergency physicians who are active in air and mountain rescue or want to become crew members on a rescue helicopter, if in an alpine setting or not.

Our Alpine HEMS crew member course fulfils the requirements of EASA and is fully certified (also as normal HEMS). The course is also compatible with the future developments of EASA and the specifications of ACRM (Aeromedical Crew Resource Management) of EHAC (European HEMS and Air Rescue Committee).

In Addition we have fully integrated AFCEST (Alpine Flight Crew Emergency and Survival Training) especially into the course and offer a unique and realistic training setting in alpine environment. You will get a profound view into alpine air rescue with exciting experiences.

AHEMS – Alpine Helicopter Emergency Medical Service

HEMS technical crew members should be trained and checked in the following items:

  1. duties in the HEMS role;
  2. map reading, navigation aid principles and use;
  3. operation of radio equipment;
  4. use of on-board medical equipment;
  5. preparing the helicopter and specialist medical equipment for subsequent HEMS departure;
  6. instrument reading, warnings, use of normal and emergency checklists in assistance of the pilot as required;
  7. basic understanding of the helicopter type in terms of location and design of normal and emergency systems and equipment;
  8. crew coordination;
  9. practice of response to HEMS call out;
  10. conducting refuelling and rotors running refuelling;
  11. HEMS operating site selection and use;
  12. techniques for handling patient, the medical consequences of air transport and some knoweldge of hospital casualty reception;
  13. marshalling signals;
  14. underslung load operations as appropriate;
  15. winch operations as appropriate;
  16. the dangers to self and others of roter running helicopters including loading of patients; and
  17. the use of the helicopter inter-communications system.

AFCEST – Alpine Flight Crew Emergency Survival Training

  • special knowledge for flight crew members
  • emergency landings and crashes
  • survival of the first 24h (especially with bad weather conditions)
  • survival strategy and -tecniques
  • protection of hypothermia
  • improvised first aid
  • practical training

After completing this course you can claim a full instruction as HCM (HEMS crew member).

EC 135

Course dates 2018

DateThemeCourse location 
June 19th – June 24th 2018AHEMS
Zermatt; Air Zermatt Basefully booked
June 1st – June 6th 2019AHEMS Zermatt; Air Zermatt Base
Oct. 5th – Oct. 10th 2019AHEMS Zermatt; Air Zermatt Base

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